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Friday, March 03, 2006

Olympic gold, after a fashion

So yes, I was one of over 4,000 knitters from all over the world participating in the Knitting Olympics. Hey, we made The National. I was watching (and knitting). Then jumping up and down, pointing at the t.v., "Hey, we're on the news!" Our rabbit, Simon, seemed impressed.

I finished the
shawl on Friday night, a day and a half before the closing ceremonies, despite being taken down by the 'flu for the first week of the games, and made an appearance at the Team Canada closing ceremony event. It is a simple pattern, but was the first thing I'd knit in all the years of knitting where the aim was to in fact have holes! In order to break my alpaca habit, part of the challenge of this exercise was to go acrylic. It's still soft, but it just doesn't drape. So without further ado...

The finished Olympic shawl... awkwardly photographed.

Wood mouse beauty, Rosebud, checks out the detail in one of the new shawl's points.

And the way my husband sees it - the Green Bat Cape.

Much to say about Rosebud, our handraised-from-a-fuzzy-pink-bean wood mouse, but that's another story, as they used to say on Hammie Hamster.

Next crazy project: knit this.


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