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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Project Update (and isn’t that the most boring title, but there it is)

Not doing very well here with frequent updates, are we? One of these days I’ll set myself up properly at home and/or stop forgetting my camera cable on the kitchen counter.

But on to the projects at hand.

Michael’s sweater (SnB's The Man Sweater) is coming along nicely; the knitting Olympics taught me to focus on one project – and I was doing well, really, until some birthdays came up. Laura turns a secret number today (does anyone really know how old she is?), and J, my oldest friend, is gaining another year next Wednesday. J and I have known each other since kindergarten, when we skipped our first class together by hiding under the coats in the cloakroom. It was French, for the record, and I think we didn’t like the teacher.

Here we see the ingredients for J’s present. She is getting a
knecklace, and probably won’t read this before then as she’s got a shiny new daughter. Shout out to The Squee!

I haven’t started the knecklace yet due to Laura’s impending appearance at a group birthday party on Saturday. I have been working on this:

This hairy little confection is well on its way to becoming a take-out coffee cup sleeve. Laura has moved out of the city and I miss our coffee breaks together. I will put up the finished cuff on its test run tomorrow (provided I remember the camera cable). Laura, I promise not to spill!
I will end this longish post forthwith by sharing a snapshot of the completed back of it, guarded by our eleven year-old kitten, Freckle. Freckle likes yarn.


  • That picture of Freckle on the Manly sweater is too cute. I didn't know Jen's birthday is the 15th, isn't Indy's on the 27th too?

    Anyways, it looks like we may not make the party this Saturday, as I have somehow managed to triple-book us and one of those is actually coming over ;) But give Laura our best!

    By Blogger Not An Artist, at 6:54 p.m.  

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