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Friday, March 10, 2006

One! One distraction finished!

I finished the coffee cup cuff last night and it had its inaugural voyage this morning protecting my fingers from the hot wrath of my ridiculous yet delicious half-sweet, non-fat, extra-foam, vanilla latte. It’s a bit on the hairy side. Actually, it looks like it’s knit from steel wool, but really it’s pretty soft.

It’s made from Berroco Quest on US #2 dpns. I pretty much followed the pattern, but stuck in two stripes of seed stitch (two rows, then six rows later on) and made it a bit wider to compensate for my terribly tight gauge. It was my first time knitting with such tiny dpns and I was nervous about slipping stitches.

And I have found another distraction, for friend P’s upcoming birthday, but since he is aware of this blog, I will not post it until it is finished and his birthday is past. Nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah. Nyah nyah.


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