Garden of Fuzz

Friday, February 24, 2006

First Day on the Bandwagon...

So this is me, jumping on at last with so many others.

A bit of explanation for the title of this blog, then. My name is Eden. A friend's dad used to call me "Garden" or "Garden Of"; also, this is the phrase that follows when I introduce myself to people, as in "Nice to meet you. My name is Eden, as in, garden of." Inevitably I also follow this up with something like, "Yes, it's my real name, not a stage name, or a rave name or anything. I don't lead an interesting enough life to require an alternate name."

"Fuzz" is something I had to add on as "Garden Of" was taken, and fuzz it was due to my liking (obsession?) for fuzzy things of all kinds. Animals, yarn, sweaters, you name it. All of these things will eventually become apparent in later days when this page has a bit more to show.

Bandwagon, here I come.