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Friday, January 26, 2007

Year-end financial documents have made me their bitch.

I didn't even get time to knit at lunchtime! Un - f**king - believable!!!

No knitting pics, again. However, here are some of my friends at the Toronto Humane Society: Brioche, Tartine, and Eclair (she does in fact have a head...).

Yes, they are all named after French pastries. We gots lots of animals to name....

Today's Earworm: Supernaut, by Black Sabbath

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Resolution: Post a little more frequently...

...we shall see how that one goes. The others, well, I have to write them down, but a couple of them have been kept thus far.

Work and volunteering (THS has a turkey! - pics to come later) and dance classes have been keeping me pretty busy so far this year. In between all that, there is knitting (duh) and language lessons and pets and family and frie
nds and damn, it's good. I need somehow to find more sleep, and better quality sleep. I have signed up for an additional night of dance classes each week, and it's my hope that it will make me better, stronger, faster.

I thought I had finished Juan's scarf, but he's asked if it can be made a bit longer, so I've got another skein, and as soon as I can locate the bloody needle, I'll finish it up. I am so anxious now about getting this scarf out of the way. I've been working away at the Twined Von for the past couple
of weeks -- we'll call it a learning experience -- reknitting the same 10 inches of body. I suspect I'm close to being able to knit onward and finish it up by the end of the month. It was freaking huge the first time, then the second time, a bit more snug than I was comfortable with. Third time's the charm, as they say. I'm also figuring out some waist shaping as I go. I've kind of put all my eggs in one basket with this's to be my main warm item when we travel to Norway in early May, and I want it to be toasty warm and flattering and funky (shapewise if not colourwise) all at the same time.

I've got quite a knitting schedule on the go. I've ordered OMG-so-many skeins of Alchemy Bamboo yarn in the colour Scarlett's Dark Secret to knit Intolerable Cruelty for the trip; it should turn up at Village Yarns later on this month. Then there's a Stitchdiva bodice I want to make if I have time, and I'd really love to knit up my very own Clapotis before we leave. I haven't started on Todd's slippers yet, though I have the yarn; I want to finish the Von first.

Projects to be brought on the trip are still being considered; they have to be portable and not too fussy, plus I've been toying with the idea of knitting smallish things while there to give to the friends I am meeting in Oslo...maybe some Fetching wristlets. Hmmm. Maybe somethin
g smaller, what, I don't know yet.

Bla bla bla.
Here's a cute, sleepy mouse. Knitting pics next time. Rosebud is cuter.

Check out those whiskers and tiny pink paw.

Today's Earworm: I Feel It, by Lorraine