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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Knecklace Knot Knitting Knicely…

…at least for me. I am on my second attempt with the knecklace, having had a few problems. One, the gauge swatch I knit and the calculation I derived from it for my substitute yarn did not jibe; two, despite having very small mammals as beloved pets and otherwise being very dextrous, I seem to be an absolute brute when it comes to manipulating slipped stitches.

The silk yarn fuzzes and pills; perhaps I am manhandling it as well. It is my first time working with silk yarn and I am not sure if there are any rules for careful handling. Now I am keeping everything in its own plastic bag, and unraveling from the ball only as much as I will knit in a half-row instead of pulling free several feet so as to knit merrily along for several minutes.

Tonight I will try very carefully to manipulate those dropped stitches into the lovely loops shown in the picture on the pattern.

In other fuzz-related news, I had a disaster with hair colour on the weekend, such that my hair is now very close in colour to the yarn used in the knecklace. I haven’t dyed my hair in ten years…. The dear woman at the Shoppers Drugmart thinks that my “virgin” hair grabbed too much of the colour and thus my attempt at dark auburn has gone horribly awry. This would be fine if I were still a student, and did not work for a mutual fund company. Last night I tried redying it to a “dark copper brown”, only to end up with a darker burgundy. Apparently, red colouring is stubborn. There used to be a product called Metalex that would strip recently applied colour from hair, but I have so far been unable to find it. Methinks I will be reduced to another trip to the drugstore. My hair is so fried right now.



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