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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Tuesday only?

Yesterday, I thought it was Tuesday, today, even though I know it’s Tuesday, feels like a Wednesday. Wednesday means west-end pub night, during which much knitting gets done and good friends are seen.

However, today is Tuesday.

What to report? I am not so diligent with this blog as I suppose one should be. I really must figure out how to get one of those lovely “In Progress” bar graphs like Michelle has, up on this page. Some visual appeal would certainly help.
St. Patrick’s Day was pleasant, not the usual loud carousing, but still a good time overall. I knit about eight inches on Michael’s sweater, gave J her knecklace, and was pleased to see some folks I haven’t seen in a while.

The knecklace loops were a bit fiddly to shape; I wound up using some teeny tiny dpns to work them, after several spritzes of water throughout the process; it reminded me of louse-checking day in primary school (ahh, memories). Once the loops were shaped, several gentle blasts of steam from the iron kept things together. No word on the current state of the knecklace from J… hopefully wee B has not gotten her pudgy little paws on it just yet.

Last Wednesday evening, I went to a meeting of the Downtown Knit Collective with some friends. It was stimulating to see all those knitters, and I came away promising myself I would give cables a try in the near future thanks to the guest speaker, Fiona Ellis. I even recognized several people that I see frequently on the subway, most notably a lady with a really original and fun dress sense – love that furry spotted coat and fish purse! I managed to escape the meeting with only one new book in tow, Loop-d-Loop, and am currently leafing through it several times a day trying to decide which pattern to begin. Once I figure out how to put up that progress graph, I’ll add that to it as well.

Tonight I am dropping off some yarn at the Toronto Humane Society, where I volunteer cuddling and socializing their small furry animals. THS accepts donations of yarn for their group of senior knitting volunteers; these ladies (and perhaps some gentlemen) knit up cozy blankets for the many cats in the shelter. Since spring is just around the corner, there will soon be dozens of kittens all needing blankets. Go knitters!


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