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Monday, October 23, 2006

Back At It

Knitting action’s been scarce here lately, due to a string of unfortunate events, and plain old ennui with the summer shawl mutant I have been trying to finish up. Since my hands are officially cold while at rest (my indication that it is well into autumn), I have put the pretty UFO aside until the new year.

I knit myself a nice warm scarf instead; haven’t knit/finished anything for myself in a while. Haven’t blocked it as I haven’t checked to see if one is supposed to block angora…

2 balls Anny Blatt Super Angora (70% French angora, 30% extra fine wool) in Mineral -- purchased in France!
Straight needles, size US9 / 5.5 mm

Modified Lopi Lace Scarf, from Weekend Knitting

Increased number of cast on s
titches to 37, increased number of lace holes to four from two.

This weekend I also took as spin with two-end or twined knitting and I love it! I decided last week to knit myself (myself!) a sweater, and have chosen a nice yet simple pattern from Lopi #24, the Von 4. However, being me, I plan to modify it…. There are two lengths in the pattern, but I would like something in between, that hits me mid-hip, and I’d also like to nip it in at the waist and add a surface pattern using special stitches in twined knitting, which would appear right between my shoulderblades, and shorten the neck so it doesn't fold over double. Not to mention I may put in a second, contrasting colour for the inside of the ribbing on the sleeves and bottom and perhaps carry it into the pattern…

I have the book by Anne-Maj Ling, and practised -- practised! -- all the stitches on Saturday night while convalescing on the couch after an encounter with a lath nail Friday night. What's next, gauge swatches???? For this sweater, you bet your ass.

Twined knitting produces a very warm, firm and sometimes wind and water resistant fabric. It is suggested to use an s-spun z-plied yarn, which is proving difficult to find in this hemisphere. I may have to use standard yarn and keep an eye on twisting and tension. If I go this route, and this is looking likely, I am considering Lett Lopi or an alpaca mix as I’d like a very light but warm sweater, preferably using a worsted or sport weight. I’m open to suggestions from the two or three of you who actually read this blog! :)

And as autumn sets in well, here we have Rosebud, aka The Munchkin, fattening up for the winter.

Today's Earworm: Daymalhum, by Natacha Atlas


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