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Friday, March 31, 2006


Need I say more? You can guess what that extra ‘F’ stands for.

What a week. I finished P’s birthday present, but couldn’t find my camera last night before delivering it. I made him a surprise flying spaghetti monster, and he promises to send me a picture of FSM, which I will happily put up. Many thanks go out to the creator of the pattern, Sherry W. raMEN.

Michael’s sweater is going well, though I’ve only finished the front part and half of a sleeve since last week. I expect much knitting to be done the next couple of days – VIVE LE WEEKEND! -- and hope that my lovely man will be wearing his new sweater next weekend as we peruse the sad condition of the back lawn and garden.

Due to the AWOL nature of the camera this week, instead of a project in progress, here is one of our many fuzzy pets, reclining beside our wool rug (at least there’s some wool – Simon’s fur is too short to spin). Simon is a Holland lop, weighs about 4 pounds, has the run of the house, and frequently buzzes as he hops along. He’s very affectionate and shows his jealousy of the knitting by snipping any yarn left within his reach. He doesn’t know the words to “Simon in the Land of Chalk Drawings” (song link here), for which he was named. But we sing it to him anyway.


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