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Monday, December 18, 2006


Update. Not the fun kind of quickie. I am at work, you know...

I finished the baby bolero for my hair stylist while in the chair at the salon, minutes before she came over; she is going on maternity leave next week and I really squeaked under the wire this time. However, she did seem pleased, and I was pleased for the most part with it (I'm never pleased with my finishing skills).

No pics of this one as I forgot my camera at work on Friday before heading out to Jingle Bell Rock at Union Station (tonnes of fun were had by all, including unsuspecting commuters).

Specs for the baby bolero, from One Skein:

• Yarn was the recommended Blue Sky Cotton, in colour 628 Azul (a greeny ice blue)
• Needles used were U.S. #8 and #9 (5 mm and 5.5 mm) circulars
• No modifications to the pattern by moi -- shock of all shocks. I even remembered to include washing instructions.

Work resumes on Juan's Xmas scarf (we're on take #4 now as I've been unhappy with how the yarn's knitting up and the patterns I've chosen, and probably I'll rip it back another couple of times), and I've also got to get going on some felted clogs for my friend Todd. My darling twined Von lies hungry for human contact on the coffee table... Wait for me, O Twined Von, I shall soon be with you again!

Today's Earworm: Change (in the House of Flies), by the Deftones


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