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Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Not the ones from Star Trek II, The Wrath of Khan. Thanks to my brother telling me those were actual rare sea creatures called “sea mice”, I had nightmares for weeks and I still have some trouble watching those scenes.

Earworm is a term brought to me via my knitting friend and coworker Kirsten, meaning the songs that get stuck in your head sometimes, often just snippets that run round and round, perhaps not even having the correct lyrics (Common with me, witness my take on Black Sabbath’s Paranoia, which includes a part of the chorus referring to the “muffin might”. Oh, those mighty muffins. Or my husband’s favourite: Big Mouse Strikes Again by the Smiths.).

I’ve noticed other people adding their current mood to the end of a blog entry, so I think I’ll add the day’s earworm to mine from now on. Perhaps in being consciously aware of my earworms from now on, I will be more frequent in my entries.

Something for the three or four people who actually check this blog on occasion to look forward to. Ha.

In other blog-improvement news, I haven’t looked into making myself a projects-in-progress graph yet. Work has eased up lately, so this seems like a good thing to read up on that could possibly be work-related, should my studies be noticed. I also need to personalize the heading section of my page; I have several willing models at home to pose with yarn (so long as there are muffin crumbs provided, mighty or otherwise).

My camera cable rests on the dining room table today, so the photos taken this sunny morning of The Man Sweater must remain unposted for today.

Today’s Earworm: One, by Metallica


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