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Thursday, April 27, 2006


…the Man Sweater!

He likes it, he really, really likes it. He’s worn it every day since I finished it on Easter Friday. Even though I’ve been knitting in fits and starts since I was nine years old, this sweater is the first actual garment (not including scarves, shawls or hamster clothing) completed for someone else. Well, the first successful garment anyway.

I made Michael a sweater in our second year of dating, way back in 1993. I did not check gauge. The thing was enormous, the neckline off-the-shoulder, and because it was superwash, would not shrink down. I frogged it the following spring and began to knit a different pattern, but never completed it; the yarn still sits in a basket in the basement, needles removed for some other long-ago project. No hard feelings. It’s been thirteen years, after all.

But I am soooooo sick of stocking stitch. This sweater took me two months to complete (yup, I’m slow). I took it everywhere. I even took it to the pub on St. Patrick’s Day where it interfered with me getting my drunk on. I started it at the Jet Fuel just before Xmas, knit a couple of inches, then got distracted by the Tubey sweater, then the Knitting Olympics, and returned to it during the closing ceremonies. But it’s done and he likes it.

I am currently without a project, but I’m thinking I’d like to do a little lace next. I’m thinking I’d like to have several projects on the go again.

Today's Earworm: Traffic, by Tiesto


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