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Monday, June 26, 2006

Frogwalkers, and a Productive Weekend

Much progress made on the jaywalkers this Saturday at a backyard party.

Tried on the first one (okay, half of one), and lo and behold, it didn't fit p
ast the arch of my foot. Did not check gauge, did not measure foot circumference, do not pass Go, do not collect $100.00. Ah well, old habits die hard. So, Froggy went a courtin', so to speak. I've decided to save the dark, autumn colourway for a really big pair of jaywalkers for Michael, and have started knitting again with some other mystery yarn I bought at the same time from the Romni basement.

My homespun -- homespindled? -- finally got soaked and dried and seems to be a bit softer.
Still inconsistent and slubby though; I really regret plying it, I think it would have looked "on purpose" as a single. Anyone know if it's possible or advisable to UNply?
No idea what to knit with it as there's not much of it and it's not exactly delicate, as might suit a small cuff or bracelet. Of course, Mom is away on an Alaskan cruise with my dad and her sister, so I've got another week or two to work on her gift.

In between knitting and visiting, we made the following improvements in the back yard.

New cedar bedding frames and lots of weeding and trimming, and we even enjoyed the first four raspberries from the early-fruiting patch. The mice now have pink-stained toes, but Simon seems to have forgotten how much he loves raspberries.

Today's Earworm: Godd, by Marco V, from Euphoric Jim's Into the Light mix


  • Yep, those Jaywalkers are deceptively small! I'm re-knitting mine now and there seem to be a million stitches involved.

    ps: Nice progress bars!

    By Blogger Not An Artist, at 10:03 p.m.  

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