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Friday, June 16, 2006

Vests for Vermin

Last Monday or so, Cute Overload posted this little guy in his jaunty vest.

Months ago, when our rabbit S
imon was going through his first moult of the year, Michael suggested I save his fur and learn how to spin it into yarn so I could knit a wee blanket for The Munchkin (aka Rosebud). Nevermind that a) she would "improve" its loft by chewing it up or b) that rabbit fur is incredibly difficult to spin and c) Simon is not an angora so his fur is way too short.

Then we see the squirrel. Talks resume about perhaps a wee vest for The Munchkin, perhaps in some of the unspun angora/silk roving I have in my spindle bag. It is a stunning bright blue, lavender and lilac mix which would look lovely on her, and my spindle is good for spindling fin
er yarn (fortunately I am better with the thinner yarn right now, kind of like fingering weight or a little less). She is the tamest pet I have ever had, with the exception of our old patient pekingese, Tanya (such a lady she was); taking her measurements will be a breeze. This project may not happen for a few weeks, as I have just started on a saner endeavour in the form of the lacy camisole and cowl set from Weekend Knitting.

True to form, I want to make adjustments to the pattern,which has your basic box shape for the body of the camisole. Being decidedly un-box-shaped (and l
ong-waisted), it's my intention to add waist shaping and lengthen the body a bit. Cool. Simple. But the whole thing is in a very open lacy pattern and I'm not certain how to handle that.... I know I'm to decrease and increase in pattern, but haven't done this sort of thing in anything but stockinette. Suggestions? Tales of woe, anyone?

Work has also resumed on the Jaywalkers, so hopefully I'll have a photo of those next week showing good progress. These two projects are in contention for being possible wedding reception knitting, for the knervous hands. We are attending the wedding of one of Michael's fencing buddies this Saturday. I will know several of the guests, but haven't really seen much of them over the past few years, as I've not been going to the tournaments as much as I did before scoring a full-time, salaried (exhausting, soul-sucking) position. Sucking hard at small talk as I do, the knitting will give me somewhere to put that nervous energy that maketh the dumb shit overfloweth from the mouth. I'm really hoping to see M. & J.
, whom I've known since university, but I have no idea if they'll be there.

I won't knit at the ceremony of course, but is it rude to knit during the party part of the reception in between dances? I've been trolling the Interweb, and I'm going to ask the Harlot's wisdom.

No knitting pics today. How about some Cloud Mice?

In this sleepy pile are Strata, Cumula, Nimba, Pilea and Cirra. I tell them apart mostly by their personalities, a little by their waistlines, and even less by minute differences in their faces. Oh, and Strata has a teeny scar on her tail, but by the time she has climbed into my hand so I can see it, I know it's her.

Today's Earworm: Night, by MIDIval PunditZ


  • if you speak of us, then nope, we arn't going to a wedding this weekend. if y'arn't speaking of us, then, Hey! we should really get together! :)

    I love your wee mice ~ very cute!

    By Anonymous journalarts, at 3:15 p.m.  

  • I was indeed speaking of you two! Too bad for me... and yes, we ought to get together. Patios and backyards abound, now that the warm weather is here.

    By Blogger Eden, at 3:23 p.m.  

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