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Friday, May 05, 2006

Migraines are Bad for Knitting

All those little stitches, and I’m just not that good yet at knitting without looking (sunlight bad), I still have to peek once or twice during a row… So not much progress this week on the wraparound fencing shrug I was working on last Sunday in Ottawa. It is a simple garter stitch affair from the Lion Brand website, using some very slubby wool I got on sale from my LYS just before it changed hands. The wool is a beautiful pale periwinkle colour, and sadly, I ran out only 50 inches into the 90 required, so I’ll be hunting for some more this weekend now that the migraine is subsiding (a three day record for me).

The shrug was going well at the tournament, and my knitting-without-looking improved greatly (I’m better at purling-without-looking for some reason) and allowed me to watch the fencing. I finished 40 inches that day, although admittedly the shrug is only a foot wide, but not bad for my slow not-looking-knitting. One of the other fencing widows’ interest in knitting was renewed, so I may have some company at Easterns or Nationals later on this month.

I am considering joining the TTC Knitalong next Saturday, but haven’t decided what project to work on. I may choose something that doesn’t require my utmost attention, such as a penguin jumper or two, or I may choose something more ambitious, perhaps some lace or something summery from the recently arrived (!) issue of Interweave Knits.

Hopefully I’ll make some new friends too.

Today's Earworm: Copacabana, by Barry Manilow


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