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Monday, June 05, 2006

Giant butterflies

As in, in my tummy. Really though, they are not good butterflies and perhaps feel more like giant moths trying to get out and fly around the fluorescent lights. Now, I like moths, but not flapping around madly in my insides (figuratively). My weekend had less than ideal repercussions; I thought I had made positive steps in a direction but I seem only to have dug myself a deeper hole.

But on to the knitting, the personal shall not be aired here.

My trip to San Francisco was fabulous!
We had incredible weather, not too cool, not too warm. Two of three days were mild and the third, while it rained, made for a nice cross-section of San Francisco weather (as I understand it to be). Much (too much) delicious food was had, a little local wine, good experiences with the city folk and a pensive final day rounded out the excursion. We dined at Chaya by the water (seafood and Cal-Ital, with the freshest ingredients and death-defying dessert constructions) on Friday, breakfasted at the Sunflower Cafe and relaxed at the Magnolia Brew Pub for dinner on Saturday, and got lost but then found at Herbivore in the Mission. Sunday night saw us at Millennium, foolishly attempting the tasting menu with wine pairings. Devine, but too much food! Monday was more modest with breakfast at a little cafe near the hotel and tea in the Japanese Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park.

Well, that all turned out to be about the food.... I did actually go to Artfibres, the yarn store I mentioned previously. It was inspiring. All of the different yarns had not one, but two or three different swatches knit up: the first of just the yarn in question, and the others of that yarn in combination with others. Each swatch included small labels attached to the yarns noting the name and the needle size used. I flitted from yarn to yarn and back again, and the young woman minding the store that day was so friendly and knowledgeable, as were the two knitters hanging out in a comfortable seating area by the front window. Hugs go to husband Michael for being so indulgent of me, and reading or chatting with the knitters while I fondled all the yarn.
I scored huge in the sale room, and picked up a couple of gifts for some knitting friends from the main room. Hard to believe that I haven't taken photos of this yarn yet, but it has been busy since arriving home. I will do my best to squeeze in some photography (or reasonable facsimile) this evening and post again tomorrow. I know I've been neglectful of this blog...

I dutifully carried my sock-in-progress with me everywhere, but just couldn't get up the guts to haul it out for photographs. I did, however, finish my crisscross shrug on the plane and got much use of it (and many generous compliments) in the evenings and on the rainy day.

Wordy Progress Bar Substitution:
Penguin jumper:

Crisscross shrug:

10% complete

Curly toed kids' slippers from Weekend Knitting
10% complete

Ugg baby booties (2 pairs):

Jaywalker socks:
5% complete

Flower petal facecloth (2), also from Weekend Knitting:

I got a kind comment from ├╝bercherry directing me to a progress bar (and noting that she liked the colour combination of the Man sweater - thanks!), which I will hopefully soon put to good use. much other news, which I will expound upon tomorrow if time permits.

Hmmm. Blogger doesn't seem to want to upload photos of San Fran.

Until then, here is
Today's Earworm: The Dark Dance, by Mr. Merrill


  • Hey Eden, sounds like a lovely vacation in SF! I'm jealous of your visit to the famed Artfibres, but I'm doing alright out here in NS too. I look forward to seeing photos eventually -- drop me a line if you want some details on a workaround for blogger's malfunctioning photo uploading of late. Hugs!

    By Blogger Not An Artist, at 11:15 a.m.  

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