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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Random blatherings

Okay, so I haven't been knitting that much recently -- what's wrong with me?! I haven't even had a flower facecloth (my equivalent of the ever-present sock of other knitters) on the go since last week.

I am working on, no, struggling with, to be honest, this lacy camisole from Weekend Knitting.

I have begun and ripped it back three times, meaning I've had to throw away the snarled mess of the cast-on edge. I think I've gotten the hang of the stitch
pattern, but as this is my first time with something truly lacy, I am having a good deal of trouble with gauge consistency. My cast-on edge seems to be waaaaay tighter than the next few rows (I used the long-tail method as there wasn't a specific one mentioned), and if I continue with it, will likely not fit over my - ahem - ample hips. I'm currently using a bamboo circular, thinking it would grip the Kidsilk Spray better than those other standard grey needles, but things are still really slip-sliding around. The bamboos are also not as pointy as I think I'd like for doing a psso; this may be one of the reasons why my stitches are so frigging loose - it's easier to pick up the slipped stitch if I leave a little more room. And of course, now that I've knit a few inches, I'm able to see how the Spray is coming together, and I don't think I like the way it is striping vertically (I thought it might be more spotty or patchy). I'm considering exchanging the unused balls for a different colour, a solid colour.

Le sigh.

On a lighter note, the wedding I went to last weekend was lovely. The bride, while sick as a dog, sailed through the ceremony and reception with great poise (aside from a wee coughing fit during the vows), and looked absolutely gorgeous. The groom was handsome and dignified, and the bridesmaids wore stunning baby blue saris (the bride is from Trinidad). Apologies go to those who suffered through conversation with me... on top of my usual social handicaps (and a bit of hearing loss from a previous job, to boot), the lovely mirrored walls of the ballroom made for terrible echoing and I was forced to either nod politely when unsure of the topic of conversation, or constantly request a repeat.
I did not end up knitting during the reception party as it was quite dim (although the Harlot gave me her blessing for reception knitting!). Probably better that way given the problems with the project as noted above.

So it's a long weekend for me starting today at noon, during which I will probably cast on a less stressful item, hopefully finish up processing the handspun, progress on the camisole, and -- oh, yes, let's not forget -- get some serious housework and yardwork done. The house needs a purging to Goodwill and the yard needs a complete till and new sod near the house.
I noticed the huge pile of lumber Michael bought yesterday which is destined to become raised vegetable beds and a border for the front garden. Thank god knitting requires mostly just the forearms and is generally done sitting (preferably with a cold beverage nearby).

Today's Earworm: Surprisingly, none at the moment, although I did wake up with The Phantom of the Opera from that musical in my head. I was dreaming I was on a slowmoving, motorized raft approaching a cruise ship; I remember looking into the water and seeing weeds just below the surface (I have a phobia about waterweeds), my heart racing, then approaching the side of the ship and reaching up anxiously to be pulled aboard...

What the hell is going on with my subconscious?


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